Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Swatches + Pics

When Anastasia Beverly Hills released the new Liquid Lipsticks on her website, I had to hop on it! I ordered 4 of the 20 new shades available. First impressions, they remind me of the Stila All Day Liquid Lipsticks and the Sephora Cream Lip Stains. They have the same creamy texture, opaque coverage, and matte finish. I purchased:

“Pure Hollywood” – nude beige pink
“Sweet Talker” – watermelon pink
“Bloodline” – crimson
“Potion” – deep eggplant

I’m sure a lot of women of color are curious about how these lipsticks will look on them. So for skin tone reference, I am a MAC NC44 (NC45 in the summer), NARS Tahoe, MUFE HD #170.

I initially applied “Pure Hollywood” alone, but it was giving me powdered donut vibes (we all know that “look”), so I reapplied it with a lip liner which makes it wearable for my tastes. It’s a really pretty nude, and paired with MAC Spice lip liner, I find it gorgeous. I preferred to use a lip liner with “Sweet Talker” as well. While it didn’t give the powdered donut look, the color is borderline neon-ish on my skin, so I used MAC Beet lip liner along with it. Both “Bloodline” and “Potion” did not require lip liner for me to wear.

These were launched January 7 on both Anastasia Beverly Hills website and Macy’s website. They will be available in all Macy’s (the Impulse section) stores in February.

(L-R) Pure Hollywood, Sweet Talker, Potion, & Bloodline

Pure Hollywood + MAC Spice Lip liner

Sweet Talker + MAC Beet Lip liner



(L-R) Pure Hollywood, Sweet Talker, Bloodline, & Potion (swatched in natural light, no flash)

4 Responses to Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Swatches + Pics

  1. Diva Style says:

    Nice review! How moisturizing are these, if at all?

  2. Lisa says:

    These appear to have excellent color payoff, thanks so much for swatching and posting! Would you say these are far and above the drug store brand that so many rave about? I forgot the name, but I remember it’s very matte like these. Or are these not worth the money in comparison?

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Lisa!

      I’ve tried a couple of the cheaper NYX versions, and honestly I prefer the Anastasia and the Stila liquid lipsticks over the NYX. The NYX has a tendency to become too patchy. As far as other drugstore versions of liquid lipsticks, I really like the ones by Maybelline. Covergirl makes some nice ones as well that I’ve tried many years ago, but I haven’t tried them recently. If you were to look for a drugstore option, I’d suggest the Maybelline 24HR ones. The only downside is that after you apply it, there’s a slightly tacky feel which only goes away when you apply the balm on top that comes with it. Whereas with the Anastasia liquid lipsticks, there is no tacky feeling after they dry. I hope this helps!

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