FOTD: Mileena of Mortal Kombat

More Halloween / Cosplay inspiration! I enjoyed completing this look, although it took a while to do due to the tedious nature of applying the “teeth.” I used french tip false nails (from Sally’s Beauty Supply) for the teeth. I had to cut and file each nail into the desired shape, whew!






MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC42 (undereye)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC45 (as a foundation, mixed with a little of the NC42)
Ben Nye Banana Powder (to set)
Sephora Mattifying Foundation in Deep Ebony #60 (as a forehead contour/bronzer)

ELF Black Cream Eyeliner (for the extreme wing)
MUFE #4 matte Black eyeshadow (to set wing)
L’Oreal HIP Pencil in Silver Lightning (as a base underneath eyeshadow)
MAC Electra (inner 1/3 of lid, on top of silver eye pencil)
Graftobian Glitter (center of lid, applied on top of Too Faced Glitter Glue)
L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

ELF Black Cream Eyeliner
Note: I blocked out the tail end of my natural brow with MAC Studio Finish Concealer so that I could change the shape of the brow

Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Zero (to outline mouth shape)
ELF Black Cream Eyeliner (to fill in mouth area)
Liquid Latex + Tissue (outer rim of mouth to create texture)
MUFE #4 matte Black, #92 matte Purple, #99 matte Red eyeshadows (to create bruising)
Ben Nye Stage Blood
White French Tip Nails (teeth) applied with lash glue

7 Responses to FOTD: Mileena of Mortal Kombat

  1. Ambiguous beauty says:

    Your disgusting, melting candle, morbidly obese behind should commit suicide. Haven’t you ever contemplated that maybe, just maybe, if you stopped wasting so much money on make up (which does nothing to hide that ugly pig gave or those flabby, sloppy rolls) you’d be able to afford a gym membership and Weight Watcher’s membership? You are disgusting. How could you let yourself get so big? Seriously, girl, it’s not healthy to be morbidly obese nor is it attractive. Just looking at you killed my appetite for the rest of the day. You could stand to skip a meal or several thousand.

    • Beckie says:

      Well, aren’t you nice to her, she’s not here to be judged for her appearance, she’s here to show you what she can do with make-up.

  2. Dim Sum says:

    Looks like you have a fan 😉
    Anywhoo very creative!

    • Ashley says:

      Haha, looks like I certainly do have a “fan” or 2! It comes with the territory, it seems. Hopefully they’re able to learn something new from my blog and apply some positivity to their lives. Life is too short to troll!

  3. Kathy May says:

    Scruffy looking filthy negro with rolls and rolls of cellulite. Girl, you’re such a picanniny. You should really stop bleaching your skin, the ash is very apparent.

    • Ashley says:

      I’ve been this skin tone all my life, but thank you for your concern and most importantly thank you for contributing another viewer hit to my blog!

  4. BM says:

    Just ran into your blog and WOW you’re so talented!!

    (and um above comments are so rude, but it’s great to know they took out the time of their day to come on your blog and try and make you feel bad. You are truly doing something right, no wonder it hurts them so bad)

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