Welcome to My Blog!

It’s been a long time coming, but after much encouragement from family and friends, I’ve finally decided to start a beauty blog! See, I have this strong obsession love for all things beauty, so I guess it was only right. With this blog, my plan is to share my various FOTDs (Face of Today), makeup and skincare tips, my favorite products, and even dabble in a little bit of hair talk. I also hope for this blog to be another avenue for women of color (WOC) to find inspiration. I highly encourage readers to comment, leave feedback, and reach out to me via email for questions or even just to say hello.

6 Responses to Welcome to My Blog!

  1. Gwen Johnson says:

    What a wonderful and exciting move toward doing what you love so much!! Your knowledge and experience are well worth sharing with others. I look forward to viewing your tips each day so that I can enhance my features that I passed on to my daughter! Love you and good luck…Mommy

  2. van walker says:

    What a great blog! lots of tips and ideas. hope to keep hearing good things from you and your blog. good luck from Memphis!

  3. Marcus Mayo says:

    Yo congrats on the new blog! This is awesome and I look forward to reading more posts. Keep it up!

    – Marcus

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